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Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Investigations

Our experience/previous projects


• Geotechnical Investigations for industrial/commercial and residential sites, evaluation most effective types of footings (includng pile foundation and slab –on-grade). Sites inspetions/monitoring during construction time;

• Geophysical investigations for mapping fractured zones within the bedrocks and carst in sedimentary deposits;

• Consulting services regarding research and exploitation of drinking water aquifer, providing hydrogeological modelling for groundwater flow and dynamic based on field permeability testing and wells data analysis;

• Consulting services for surface water management structures, like dams, reservoirs and ponds, especially from the negative effect of uprising groundwater in surrounding areas of the booms and collection ponds

• Collecting groundwater samples and analysis of the quality and quantity drinking water (especially geothermal) based on laboratory analysis, providing recommendations on the future management of the active aquifers;

• Consulting services related to renovation/re-generation active drinking water wells;

• Topographic survey of the industrial/commercial and residential.

Overview of the work performed by our organization

Geotechnical Investigations

• Geotechnical Investigation for reconstruction Sport Arena “Metallist” from 2012 European Soccer (Football) Championship. Work including design and field evaluation of the pile foundations (including “nested” pile foundation) for the sport arena galleries. During geotechnical evaluation of the length and location of piles, the soil evaluation program (”Rock Work”) was used.

• Geotechnical investigation for reconstruction one of the largest steel plant in Ukraine (in the city of Lugansk) which foundations were sitting down on the weathered fractured bedrock. The thickness of the weathered bedrock was evaluated with using GEORADAR. This method allowed us to estimate the thickness of weathered zone in the area not more than 15 meters.

• Slop stability evaluation and calculation were conducted for the existing church located on the stiff slop with overburden/quaternary deposits (sand, silt, clay, etc.). Based on slop stability calculations, the most effective and secure type of foundation was provided for construction this structure. Finally, church was constructed based on our recommendations and became to be a part of cultural life of the town.

Hydrogeological Investigations/Assessments

• Investigation and evaluation of drinking water aquifers in the areas of Eastern Regions of the former USSR (which are similar to Slovaks hydrogeology) where mountains and river valleys present the main landscaping of these parts of lands. During these investigations we drilled single drinking water well, as well as wells nest for collecting groundwater for potable needs of the local towns and villages. We used air and space survey data for this project to evaluate more reasonable location of the proposed wells. In addition, we used bio-locators for additional correction of the place for future drilling and wells installation.

• We also conduct drinking aquifer groundwater investigation and evaluation in the areas of the river valley which located close to the local town in Russia. We evaluated connection between geomorphology of valley and permeability of the quaternary aquifers (main aquifers) in these areas which mainly used for potable needs. This analysis allowed us to use wells more effectively for evaluation production rate of each proposed well for water taking.