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Scientific research and ecology

Description of the patents


Exchange of a screening (with gravel pack) portion of the horizontal circle drainage with common steel or plastic solid pipes can decrease total cost of the future construction and will give you opportunity to install drainage with “underpinning” method, without excavation and relocations any underground utilities, as well as existing building/structures.


Accidental leak from oil piping and reservoirs can create large plum of the petroleum hydrocarbons product on the top of the aquifer and this plume can grow horizontally and impact on the environmental quality of the groundwater, which very important, especially within drinking water aquifers. The proposed method is based on using existing boreholes/wells, do not need a lot of space for active product removal and allowed for reasonable cost effectively remove petroleum hydrocarbon products from borehole/wells without remoting extra volume of water. That in future may allowed client to re-use collected petroleum hydrocarbons product for additional needs.

The above noted method was registrated in Ukraine and was successfully used on Refinery plant in Kharkiv, Ukraine, as well as, on the others regions of Ukraine and Russia.

The way of using the internal heat of the earth through its transmission by atmospheric air

The invention relates to the use of natural renewable resources for heating water and buildings. Ambient air is drawn in at depth with a high temperature host rocks (more than 40), and after a certain time, is heated by the natural heat of the earth, up to this temperature. Then, through the production borehole (2) is applied to the surface. The air must be heated during its movement from hole (1) until the bore (2). The number of wells may vary depending on the technical and natural conditions of the reservoir.

The method is protected by a patent application

Overview of the work performed by our organization

1. Hydrogeological work for the calculation of heat pumps. Determined by the amount of water given its temperature, the question of its disposal.

2. Protection of groundwater from chemical contamination including petroleum products. Pollutants seeping into the soil, accumulate on the surface of groundwater. We have patented methods for extracting oil.

3. Environmental surveying. Determine the sources of pollution of water and soil, choosing the place of burial of solid household waste.

4. Geological research with the aim of finding structures suitable for geothermal energy. Structures, able to store air for its heating and further use.

5.Phase I Environmnetal Site Assessement (ESA) for industrial/commercial properties use.

6.Environmental Soil and Groundwater Investigations (Phase II ESA) for industrial/commercial and residentisal properties use.

7. Impacted soil and groundwater remediations, including in-situ soil remedial activities and BIO remediation.